Areas of Ministries

The Areas of Ministry in and at Faith Tabernacle Church of God shall be as follows:

1. Teaching- through (a) Bible Study, Sunday School, New Believers Classes, Workshops and Seminars for special training needs, and the School of Ministry (by whatever name).

2. Evangelism – through utilizing preaching and discipleship opportunity as and when they are presented, whether they be in house, on the street, or by invitation.

3. Youth Ministry – teaching/training the youth: using whatever method it takes to produce young Christians/ministers. That they would follow after truth in a world of compromise, to seek and lead to Christ those who are loss. That they be good examples and let no man despise their youth.

4. Women’s Ministry – Catering/ministering to the women of the church, seeing to it that they are edified and well taught so that they may carry out the mandate of the Scripture and be good examples to those who follow after.

5. Men’s Ministry – To have our men well established in the faith and work of the church.

6. Music Ministry – This is a vast area and one where many are multifaceted. Music enhances worship to the Almighty God, thus we ask that you be sold out to Him. Likewise, before Lucifer’s fall, his position was that of making music before God, thus he understands how to pervert any and all things that are utilized for and in the worship experience. We are not ignorant of his tactics, therefore, we should give no space to the Devil.

7. Children’s Ministry – ministering to our children – for the development of the children spiritually and to cater to the whole man.

8. Media Ministries – these include the Video/Audio and Magazine ministries, people with writing , listening, video and computer skill, may seek to become a part of this ministry.

These ministries will seek to utilize every possible opportunity to get the message of Christ and His Church out to a lost and dying world in any media form.